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Highway is a lightweight (2.5ko gzipped), easy-to-use, flexible and modern library to create AJAX navigations with animations on websites. Don't bother about all the process behind-the-scene and focus on creative animations.


Highway comes without any excess of features, it's complete and lightweight.


Highway is easy to use because it's based on ready-to-use ES6 classes developers can extend.


Highway fits to many scenarios and can be easily improved with features thanks to the way it's built.


Highway is built with ES6 features compiled into ES5 for an optimal browser support, IE11 included.

Browser Support

Highway is supported by all recent major versions of the following modern browsers.

  • ✅ Chrome
  • ✅ Firefox
  • ✅ Edge
  • ✅ Safari

With polyfills

Older browsers or versions can be supported by Highway by combining it with polyfills. Please follow this example to have more information. Once the polyfills are configured, Highway should be working on most of the browsers and versions. However, be aware that the oldest browsers or versions might still be unsupported. So, be reasonable before opening an issue...

  • ✅ Chrome
  • ✅ Firefox
  • ✅ Edge
  • ✅ Safari
  • ✅ Internet Explorer


  • Anthodpnt
  • ThaoD5
  • joshkirk-zero
  • mikehwagz